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Vatican Assassins

Suppressed Anti-Jesuit Documents.

The History of Romanism, …………………………………..……..John Dowling, 1845.This historical account, written by a vibrant, Bible believingBerean pastor of New York, is the greatest single history ofRomanism ever written. It is a must for the library of the man ofGod in order that he may understand the past, the present, thepurpose and power of the Pope of Rome. There is also a thrillingaccount of our hero Martin Luther, the father of the Reformationand thus all religious and political liberty, making his immortalconfession before the Pope’s wicked Cardinal at the Diet ofWorms while the nobles of the Holy Roman Empire watched inawe. This book is impossible to put down!

2. History of the Jesuits,……………………………………….….…G. B. Nicolini, 1854.Written by a converted Roman Catholic Italian and Bible believerhaving been raised amidst the Jesuits, Nicolini provides us withthe finest Italian history of the Order in existence. He admits ofthe Company’s quest to usurp the government of England (havingsecretly fallen to the Sons of Loyola by 1800). For participating inthe Italian Revolution of 1848, during which the Jesuits usedMasonic Mazzini to drive Pope Pius IX from Rome as punishmentfor expelling the Order from Rome and for proposing to limit hisabsolute Temporal Power with a written Constitution for theItalian people, Nicolini was exiled to England. From there hewrote his masterpiece.

3. Popery, Puseyism and Jesuitism,…………………………….…..Luigi Desanctis, 1905.As an Italian Roman Catholic priest, an Official Censor of theInquisition and thoroughly acquainted with a French Provincialwho was the Secretary for the Order, Desanctis was converted tothe Christ of the Bible. In a series of letters written in 1849, hedescribes personal experiences including his imprisonment in thecells of the Inquisition in Rome. His description of the murderedwithin the underground dungeons of the Inquisition discovered by the Italians in 1849 are right out of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Pit andthe Pendulum. The sufferers were buried up to their necks in drylime while others were enchained, walled up with bricks and leftto die. The absolute and universal power of the Company and hisdiscourses with the godly Waldensian are overpowering. Enjoy!

4. The Engineer Corps of Hell (in part),……………………………Edwin A. Sherman, 1883.Sherman privately published his three part and spiritedmasterpiece exposing the Jesuits as Lincoln’s true assassins threeyears before our hero, Charles Chiniquy, published his rivetingand immortal Fifty Years in the Church of Rome. This book isvirtually impossible to find, but was copied from microfilm foryou, dear truth-seeker. It serves as an introduction to the Order’sSecret Instructions of the Jesuits.

5. Secret Instructions of the Jesuits,……………………..….…..…W. C. Brownlee, 1857.This eloquent and bold Bible believing Protestant Pastorreprinted a copy of the Order’s Secret Instructions delivered toKing George II for his warning. By these diabolical instructionsthe man of God is able to discern the movements of the Orderwithin his own nation. Forever denied as valid and branded aforgery by the Company, the Secret Instructions (called SecretaMonita in Latin) will stand on its own merits as the most profoundexpose’ of the Society’s inner workings and strategies throughoutthe past four centuries. The text contains the original Latin withits English translation.

6. The Black Pope,…………………………………………….…….M. F. Cusack, the Nun of Kenmare, 1896.This volume, quietly removed from nearly every library in theworld, contains the most important single description of the innerworkings and long-range goals of the Society of Jesus everpublished. Written by a Bible believing converted RomanCatholic nun, the brilliant and penetrating Miss Cusack wrotefrom England and was one of the literary pillars against the Jesuit-controlled pontiff and Papacy of the Nineteenth Century.In the sovereignty of the risen Son of God, I found The Black Popedownstairs in the Philip Schaff Library of the ReformedLancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Itwas neither in the card catalog nor in the computer; but, whilesearching the bookshelves the Lord caused my eyes to fall upon it.Being made aware of its importance through the widow of ourhero, Alberto Rivera (who had been given a copy by JesuitGeneral Pedro Arrupe), I read it and returned it to the library. Ithen informed the clerk to consign the volume to the archives andrecommended that it never be allowed to be checked out again forfear of its theft. Smugly, he asked me if I would steal it.Meanwhile, I approached the head librarian, Mr. Berg, and askedto make a copy using the copier in house. He refused stating thatthe book was in no condition to be copied. I informed him that Iintended to reprint it, that it was the greatest expose’ of the JesuitGeneral ever written and that I would give the library newlyrepublished volumes. Still, he refused. Upset, I sought to speakwith the Seminary President, Mr. Schmiechen, informing him ofmy offer, but to no avail. Later, I requested one of the librariansto ask Mr. Berg if I could ever see the book again. I received mymost shocking answer a few weeks later. When I came back tothe library intending to copy one other book for this CD (Behindthe Dictators by Leo Lehmann), I was handed the following Memoby a somewhat embarrassed and kindly woman tending thereference desk. My library privileges were revoked and I maynever peruse those Reformed treasures downstairs ever again.Hating defeat, I sought to speak with the President one more time;but again, he was out of town. Little did these pro-Jesuit, Biblerejecting, compromising bigots know that I had secretly copiedThe Black Pope and give it to you now, my beloved friend. TheMemo has been scanned onto the following page for your review.Enjoy!

7. The Jesuits,……………………………………….………………..Theodor Griesinger, 1903.Typical of the German race, this work is the most detailed historyof the Jesuit Order ever written up to 1873. It was fromGriesinger that I learned (from page 805) of the possible SecondThirty Years’ War to be launched against Prince Bismarck’sProtestant German Empire having refused to accept the Jesuitauthoredinfallibility of the Pope decreed in 1870. Do not forgetthat his second edition of The Jesuits was published in 1873!Further, the Order was expelled in 1872 from the entire Empire.Payback time began in 1914 and ended in 1945 ending the JesuitGeneral’s Second Thirty Years’ War as foreseen by the greatTheodor Griesinger.

8. The Footprints of the Jesuits,……………….………………….R. W. Thompson, 1894.Authored by an ex-Secretary of the American Navy, Thompson’saccount is most thorough and the only American history of theSociety. Although a Freemason like Sherman, Thompson exposedthe conspiracies of the Sons of Loyola in Europe but nevercontributed in revealing their bloodguilt throughout the LincolnAssassination. This work is one of the four necessary histories ofthe Order, contained herein for the Bible believer to consult whilewritten from a patriotic, pro Constitution and pro Bill of Rightsposition. His arguments are weighty and eloquent.

9. The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk,………….…………….Maria Monk, 1835.What a shame! The tortures, rapes and murders that transpiredin 1835 are still occurring in 2001. Giving birth, strangling thebabies and throwing their dear bodies into the underground limepits was part of the national disgrace and tragedy called a“convent” or a “nunnery” which are no more than prisons fordeceived, underfed and helpless women at the mercy of a celibatepriesthood! It was for these reasons that the Spanish Republicclosed them all down in the 1930s. A friend of an electrician inOhio knows of a convent with two lions in it! Could it be that they are fed the bodies of the innocents; as, lions eat the bones as wellas the flesh thereby eliminating all evidence of murder? Read andweep my friend.

10.The Thrilling Mysteries of a Convent Revealed!………..………Mr. Peterson, 1835.This work is a most fascinating account that keeps youspellbound. The occult ritual of installing the Jesuit General forthe United States, including drinking fresh blood from a humanskull, the burning of the Bible and the trampling of the Americanflag under foot, is enough to make any Bible believing Calvinist’sblood boil! Fear? Rather rage over these acts of blasphemy andhigh treason as we reach for our Swords of Just Defense! Theaccount is found in Chapter IX.

11.The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order,……..…..Abbate M. Leone, 1848.Next to The Black Pope, this is the most important book everwritten exposing the Jesuit plot for a world government under thePope of Jesuit making – a Jesuit pontiff. I found it on theInternet, ordered it and when it arrived I discovered to mysurprise that IT HAD NEVER BEEN READ! Every fourth pagehad to be gently cut apart in order to read the narration. Leone, anineteen year-old Jesuit Novice, overheard a secret meetingheaded by Jesuit General John Roothaan in the mid 1830s. Withhis most trusted Provincials, the General listened to a series ofspeeches outlining the Order’s detailed and brilliant conspiracy tocontrol the Papacy, the Hierarchy, the Monarchs and thus everygovernment on earth! Thwarted for years, Leone finallyunleashed his information throughout Europe, and was widelyreceived resulting in the Order being formally driven from theContinent by 1900. Learn the contents well my brethren. Thelanguage is superb; the thinking is penetrating and polished whiletheir unabashed arrogance stinks to high heaven!

12.The Crisis: Or, the Enemies of America Unmasked,………..….J. Wayne Laurens, 1855. What a book! This Bible believing, patriotic American exposesthe Jesuit conspiracy to overthrow the Protestant government andpeople of George Washington’s Federal Republic of the UnitedStates. He also describes how British “Free Trade” (like theNAFTA and GATT treaties ratified under the Jesuits’ PresidentBill Clinton during the 1990s) ruined our economies and createdpoverty whenever adopted. Laurens tells of the necessity of usinggold and silver coins rather than worthless paper currency formoney, the importance of abolishing the national bank and thusthe national debt, and the necessity of a protective tariff if we areto have an expanding economy, growing domestic manufacturersand the happy wedding between capital and labor. He warns offoreign influence, including the socialism espoused by Biblerejecting foreign Roman Catholics landing daily on our shores.Indeed, no Bible, no stable principles of economics, no WhiteProtestant Middle Class, no private property, no rights, no libertyand the reversion back to the Papall Caeesarr’’s Dark Ages includingthe dungeons for us “heretics”. This is truly a great book andworthy of your critical evaluation brethren.

13.Romanism as a World Power,…………………………………….Luther S. Kauffman, 1922.Written by a Methodist preacher, this short volume is a clear andconcise description of Rome’s quest to destroy Protestant Americaand rule the world. It is great for teenagers in its simplicity andthus easy to comprehend.These thirteen books are extremely rare and difficult to find. They aregiven to you dear truth-seeker, in order that Vatican Assassins“Wounded In The House Of My Friends” may be couched in the light oftrue history written by Bible believing, God fearing men who dared totell the truth about Mystery Babylon and Satan’s Papall Caeesarr whoholds the office of the coming man off siin, the man–beast resurrectedfrom the dead and ruling the world from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple forforty-two long months until Shiloh comes to save His beloved JewishRace. Until we meet in the air with the Lord Jesus Christ, I remain,Brother Eric


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